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The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department at Starmount High School provides students with the opportunity to learn real-world skills that are immediately transferable to the workplace or higher education. It is our belief that CTE courses improve the quality of life for our students through hands-on instruction in a variety of possible careers paths or Career Clusters.

We hope that every student will take advantage of what our CTE Department has to offer. Below are some suggestions on how to become a successful CTE Completer:

  1. Take the "Discover Your Career Personality" interest inventory.
  2. Compare your interests to the Career Clusters.
  3. Enroll in courses within the Career Cluster to become a CTE Completer.


What is CTE?

CTE stands for Career and Technical Education. This is the term used by NC and our county to identify vocational courses such as carpentry, drafting, auto mechanics, agriculture, health science, business, and marketing. At Starmount High School, these are courses typically taken in C and E Buildings.

What is a CTE Completer?

A student who has completed at least two CTE courses in a Career Cluster (at least one of which must be a Concentrator class).

What is a Career Cluster?

Some people are interested in healthcare. Other people are interested in information technology. Interests like these have been grouped into what's called "Career Clusters." The term describes knowledge, skills, and interests that connect with industries, jobs, and educational programs.

Why is it important to be a CTE Completer?

Being a CTE Completer signifies to employers and community colleges that students possess real-world skills.