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Testing Information » ACT Testing- Spring of Junior Year

ACT Testing- Spring of Junior Year

Why Do All Juniors have to take the ACT?
The ACT College Admissions Assessment will be given to every 11th grader and is part of North Carolina's school accountability program. ACT test results are widely accepted by college admissions offices and considered an accurate gauge of classroom achievement. ACT results may be used at the high school level to identify students who need assistance with certain subject areas or academic skills, evaluate effectiveness of instruction, and make adjustments to curriculum to improve instruction. Colleges use the ACT for admissions decisions, course placement, academic advising and loans and scholarships. ACT offers a dedicated website for NC that is specifically related to our administration of the ACT.
ACT Format
The ACT is a curriculum- and standards-based assessment that evaluates eleventh-graders’ general learning outcomes in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. The English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science tests are multiple-choice tests. There is a Writing test that is often given, but in 2021 Juniors do not have to take the written portion.
If a student takes the test outside of the state test date in February, the student must pay a fee to take the test. The state-required test in February is FREE and can be used by students for college admission, scholarships, and career preparation.